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A Marine’s Path From Deathly Combat to Uplifting Veterans w/ Chayse Roth

Welcome to a powerful episode of The NDS Show where we host an inspiring conversation with Marine Corps Veteran and Business Owner, Chayse Roth, who is also the Chairman of the Veteran Business Collective. In this revealing episode, Chayse provides his insights into the world of a Critical Skills Operator and what sets MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) apart. He reflects on his decision to join the Marines and discusses the impact of 9/11 on military services, including the sweeping changes it initiated.

Chayse takes us on a journey through his career, discussing the issues with personnel, struggles with recruitment, and the generational differences that are reshaping the military. We talk about the physical limitations that come with service, and the incentives offered to new recruits. We also dive into the formation of MARSOC, a fascinating moment in military history, which comes complete with stories from Tajikistan and lessons from rally driving training.


Our conversation deepens as Chayse talks about his deployment in Iraq, the intense training processes, and his firsthand experience in combat. He sheds light on the unique mind/body reactions that occur in combat situations, as well as the impact of adrenaline and the post-trauma experience. Chayse also shares insights on combat instincts and how the post-combat perspective can dramatically alter a person’s life. Then the conversation shifts to a serious issue plaguing our veterans – suicide. We discuss public perceptions, the importance of asking for help, and the unfortunate reality of suicide contagion. In the latter part of the show, we pivot towards a more hopeful note, discussing the Veteran Business Collective (VBC) and its crucial role in aiding veterans.

We also discuss good leadership principles and celebrate successful veteran-owned businesses.

If you or a veteran you know are struggling, there is help available. Please call the Suicide Help Line at 988.

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