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Fight Game INTELLIGENCE & MMA Strategy w/ UFC Fighter Joe Solecki

UFC Lightweight Fighter Joe Solecki joins the podcast to talk about the strategy, intelligence, and mental aspects of mixed martial arts and his current flourishing career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Joe tells the story of how he made it to the UFC and his experiences on Dana White’s Contender series during the COVID epidemic and his recent victories.

We talked about the shock and settling of working with Dana White, Bruce Buffer, and Joe Rogan. We talked about Joe’s UFC Fight Day mindset, the tactical approach to dealing with mind games, longevity in the UFC, MMA Rules, MMA Judging, favorite fights and fighters of all time, and how Joe will tackle upcoming challenges in his UFC Career as he continues to win and rise through the rankings. We discussed why Wilmington North Carolina is a mixed martial arts hotspot with fighters like Derek Brunson, Joe Solecki, and Jamie Pickett. We talked about Jon Jones recent heavyweight title victory and the potential of a fight for Joe Solecki with Connor McGregor. Joe also tells the story of his grappling victory over Donald Cerrone. Finally we discussed what drives Joe in his career and why you should care about watching Joe Solecki the next time he makes a UFC appearance.



Joe Solecki

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