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The Best NEW Podcast in 2023 to Listen and Watch

Looking for the best new podcast to listen to in 2023? Look no further than “The NDS Show” podcast! As an Army Veteran with expertise in Nationally vital Geospatial Intelligence Operations (GEOINT), and multiple successful businesses and experiences across a variety of industries, including technology, defense, sports, entertainment, real estate, and crypto, Nick has the expertise and knowledge to host thought-provoking topics with guests of all stripes.

Nick’s philosophy is that “Humor is the knife that cuts through all the nonsense, let’s have important conversations with a laugh and a smile.” This approach to podcasting creates a relaxed and welcoming environment that allows guests to speak freely and share their knowledge and insights with listeners.

“Humor is the knife that cuts through all the nonsense, let’s have important conversations with a laugh and a smile.”

On “The NDS Show,” you’ll find a wide range of topics and guests, from expert analysis of current events to exclusive interviews with experts. Nick’s goal is to help listeners gain a deeper understanding of the world around them through in-depth discussions on current events, thought-provoking ideas, and intriguing conversations. The podcast covers everything from science and technology to sports and entertainment, providing a diverse range of content that will keep you engaged and learning.

best podcast in 2023

Nick’s unique background as an Army Veteran and successful entrepreneur adds an extra layer of depth to the podcast, allowing for a broader perspective on a variety of topics. His experience in the technology, defense, sports, entertainment, real estate, and crypto industries gives him a unique perspective that is unmatched in the podcast world.

Watch a recent video podcast episode on YouTube.

Listeners will appreciate Nick’s light-hearted approach to serious topics. He believes that humor can be used as a tool to help cut through the noise and get to the heart of important issues. This approach creates a welcoming environment for listeners and guests alike, making it easy to engage in the conversation and absorb valuable insights.

Here is a recent review of the podcast.

“The host is a good mix of witty and fun and approaches these highly technical and informational subjects in a digestible, easy to listen to fashion.” -Apple Podcast Review

In addition to his podcasting work, Nick is a family man who lives and works in Wilmington, North Carolina with his wonderful wife and two beautiful girls. He is originally from the Tampa, Florida area and joined the military at 18 years old. After serving for seven years and deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, he went on to launch a successful geospatial company that supports Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community, where he still serves as CEO.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best podcast to listen to in 2023, look no further than Nick’s “NDS” podcast. With a wide range of topics and guests, a unique perspective, and a light-hearted approach to serious topics, this podcast is sure to keep you engaged and informed. Tune in to expand your knowledge and INTELLIGENCE! Check out a recent podcast episode.

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