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Why Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is CRUCIAL for Earth Observation w Umbra Space’s Gabe Dominocielo

Gabe Dominocielo, co-founder of Umbra Space, discusses the challenges and excitement of launching SAR satellites and the unique capabilities of synthetic aperture radar. He shares insights into the process of developing satellites, the choice of SAR technology, and the importance of precision in radar imagery. Gabe also talks about the diverse range of customers, including governments, commercial industries, and even hobbyists, and the value of Umbra’s Creative Commons licensing agreement. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of the market and the focus on solving customer problems. Umbra is a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) company that provides high-resolution satellite imagery. The conversation covers various topics, including the challenges and opportunities in the SAR industry, the importance of communication and education, the potential risks of satellite attacks, the role of open data, and the impact of lower launch costs. The conversation also touches on the future of SAR technology and the need for continuous innovation. Umbra emphasizes its customer-driven approach and commitment to providing the best products and services at competitive prices.

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