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The Ukraine War: EXPOSING the Russian Military using Publicly Available Information with OSINT Technical

In this episode, we continue our journey in the enthralling world of Open Source Intelligence with OSINT Technical, one of the leading twitter accounts for sharing publicly available information about the War in Ukraine. We explore the intriguing facets of the Russian & Ukranian military strategies, tactics, and philosophy. Our podcast further uncovers the meticulous process for verifying data and ensuring quality control in open source intelligence. We then turn our attention to the strategic approaches of the Russian ISR and the contrasting tactics that have led to Ukraine’s successes.

We offer insights into the equipment differences between Ukraine and Russia and discuss the Ukrainian HIMARs. The use of drones in warfare is also a key focus, along with predictions about the future of Ukraine, and the strategic thinking behind Russia’s recent invasion. Exploring the complex geopolitics involved, we analyze the relationships between Russia and other countries. We also discuss the Storm Shadow Missile and the Moscow Victory Parade, shedding light on their significance.

Lastly, we recommend some excellent OSINT resources for those eager to delve deeper into this field. Join us for this captivating exploration of OSINT, military strategies, geopolitics, and more. Be sure to subscribe, like, and comment to join the conversation. Don’t forget to share this episode with others interested in these topics.

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