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Geography & GIS Education during the AI REVOLUTION & Events That Shaped Spatial Thinking FOREVER with ESRI’s Joseph Kerski, PHD

This podcast covers Geography Education with Artificial Intelligence, Critical Thinking for GIS professionals, the state of Ethics in Geography and GIS, and a deep dive into inspirational figures and events that have shaped geography and geospatial thinking forever. Dr. Joseph Kerski shares his expertise on the explosion of AI tools for GIS applications and how to approach education in Geography, GIS and Geospatial Science in the age of artificial intelligence. He also offers his thoughts on language models like ChatGPT and the speed of education versus the speed of technology. Educational gaps in GIS are also discussed, and Dr. Kerski offers valuable insights for current college professors teaching GIS professionals and young professionals entering the field. In addition, the podcast delves into historical figures and events that have shaped geography forever, including Eratosthenes, Anaximander, and Vesuvius.

Geography and Geospatial thinking touches an all aspects of our lives. From energy to elections, from floods to foods, teaching spatial thinking is paramount to the success of the human experiment. My Guest today is one such thinker, an educator and life long student of Geography, Dr. Joseph Kerski is the education manager for ESRI, he holds three degrees in geography and has served 22 years for leading National Agencies including NOAA, USGS, and the Census Bureau.

My goal with this podcast is to provide free access to the intelligence within the minds of great thinkers and doers. Please rate and review this podcast and subscribe on YouTube. Its free and enables us to continue produce high quality content for your enjoyment. Enjoy DR. Joseph Kerski!


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Interpreting Our World: 100 Discoveries That Revolutionized Geography

Creating a Smarter Campus: GIS for Education (Applying GIS)


The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data

Simon Winchester Book (Mentioned around the 1 hour mark) A Crack in the Edge of the World

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