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MASTERING Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis: Enter the OSINT Dragon!

Dive deep into the world of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and the power of publicly available information gathering and analysis. In this podcast we define and explain OSINT and how it differs from traditional intelligence methods. You’ll learn how OSINT is used to track Russian spies in Sweden, troop movements in Ukraine, investigate ISIS in Syria, and even predict banking collapses. We also cover the ethics of OSINT and how it can be used to combat disinformation and deep fakes. Plus, we explore the various uses of OSINT and who the customers paying for investigations are. You can watch the full OSINT Podcast on YouTube or listen wherever you get your podcasts! Please subscribe to The NDS Show and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

In this podcast Nico Dekens and David Wells join Nick in a masterclass for Open Source Intelligence. Gain insights into everything you ever wanted to know about OSINT and how you can leverage tools and techniques for investigations on your own, to save a few dollars when shopping, or to consume information with healthy skepticism.

Nico Dekens is the Director of Intelligence & Collection Innovation at Shadowdragon. Nico has over two decades of experience in OSINT and has worked as an Cyber Intelligence and OSINT professional for organizations like Bellingcat, Police, the OSINT Curious Project, and SANS Institute. Twitter: @dutch_osintguy


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David Wells, also at Shadowdragon, is an Intelligence expert and has worked in the Special Operations and Intelligence Communities for nearly two decades with organizations such as USSOCOM, State Department, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Twitter.

Awesome OSINT Tools and Training


0:00 – OSINT Podcast Introduction

2:14 – What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

3:20 – How is OSINT different than traditional intelligence

06:55 – Explaining the process of OSINT

10:00 – Using OSINT to track Russians in Ukraine

11:34 – How to use OSINT Keywords

14:30 – OSINT Investigation of Russian Spies in Sweden

15:59 – United Nations investigations into ISIS in Syria

17:40 – How to get started in learning OSINT analysis

20:20 – The many uses of OSINT

22:25 – Who are the OSINT Customers paying for investigations?

23:23 – Using OSINT to Predict Banking Collapses after SVBs Failure

28:30 – Finance and Investment Firms leveraging OSINT

30:00 – Counter OSINT strategies and tactics

35:40 – Bad guys order Pizza too

36:42 – Is Andrew Tate a human trafficker?

39:34 – Intelligence Agencies and OSINT Ethics

44:30 – Thwarting Artificial Intelligence and Deep Fakes with OSINT

48:05 – How anyone can use OSINT to fight disinformation

55:00 – OSINT Gaps, where can’t we go

57:57 – Interacting with OSINT Targets, When, Why, and How

1:04:05 – Leveraging Non-Attribution & OSINT Keywords

1:06:11 – How to Track Aircraft – From Elon Musk to CIA Planes

1:08:40 – Automating OSINT Investigations with

1:15:00 – Get in touch with for OSINT Tools and Training

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