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LIMITLESS imagination with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) w/ Steve Stout

In this podcast Nick and guest Steven Stout discuss Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and how the earth location technology affects our everyday lives. Steve provides a masterclass for beginners to experts in how GIS is used in Urban Planning, Transportation, Public Safety, Retail, Sporting Events, Military, and Intelligence Missions. He describes ESRI ArcGIS vs. QGIS and when he might use each one of the systems and Python programming and GeoPandas for geographic information systems. They discuss the future of geospatial data manipulation with artificial intelligence applications like ChatGPT. They also discuss Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) in military special forces application, recent news and events affecting the Intelligence Community like the House Intelligence Committee scandals with Eric Swalwell, the highlighted news regarding Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Pence’s mishandling of classified documents, thoughts on leadership, conflicts and terrorism in Africa via al shabaab, and GIS or spatial problems in sports. Steve is the Director of Geospatial Solutions at Geo Owl and an officer in the Navy Reserve. He has worked for two decades in GIS across military and civilian applications including 10 years with ESRI.